MITACC CORP "Creating Solutions for Tomorrow's Challenges"


MITACC is an Acquisition Training firm that has developed government acquisition training courses specifically for federal, state and local government agencies, and small businesses whose aim is to acquire knowledge of how government agencies procure goods and services.

MITACC's core competency is the development of acquisition training courses and providing acquisition training to governmental agencies and private sector firms. Our courseware is designed with the practitioner in mind and provides an in-depth working knowledge of the various methods, functions, and elements of the public and private sector contracting and procurement process.

MITACC's Mission

MITACC's mission is to enhance the procurement operational efficiency of federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as small businesses, by providing the right acquisition training and information so that those entities can achieve their desired results.

MITACC's Vision

MITACC’s vision is to become the premier Acquisition Training firm to governmental agencies and private sector firms located in the Washington Metropolitan Area.